About Me

I am a full-stack developer with a strong background in API design & development, microservices, databases, cloud-native & serverless computing, topics in NLP & ML, security, test-driven development, CI/CD pipelines, and agile methodologies. Looking for an opportunity to leverage my skills and experience to build resilient & scalable systems to automate and optimize workflows, extract meaningful insights, and provide intelligent decision making.

  • sortprojects
    validate JSON data against a schema
    python package to generate mock data. supports generating data in CSV, JSON, Parquet, and SQLite formats.
    python package to easily set up mock Postgres & MySQL databases in docker (requires docker)
    flask rate limiter extension with an in memory DB
    blogging application with WYSIWYG editor built using Flask + SummernoteJS + SQLite.
    music player web application built using Flask + HowlerJS + SQLite/SQLAlchemy